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Human Stories

Original interviews with Afghans on how their lives have changed since the Taliban takeover

21 Mar 2023


Before the Taliban’s takeover, Gawhar had been preparing for university. Now she spends her days as a carpet weaver in Pakistan.

25 Jan 2023


After the closure of girls’ secondary schools and then an attack on her education centre, a student says her hopes have been dashed by the Taliban’s recent university ban for women.

7 Dec 2022


A doctor says that many of her new patients are schoolgirls who have lost hope.

3 Nov 2022


While studying for a PhD in Pakistan, university lecturer Maihan had her income cut-off by the Taliban. Now she faces poverty in Afghanistan.

22 Aug 2022


A young entrepreneur struggles to keep her business afloat amid Taliban restrictions.

4 Jul 2022


Pen Path volunteer Malalai refuses to let anything get in the way of her campaigning for educational rights.

14 Feb 2023


University graduate Sofia grew up hearing "tales" of the Taliban, but says she now faces the "same fate" her mother faced.

12 Jan 2023


A student recalls the day the Taliban closed universities to women.

15 Nov 2022


An LGBTQ activist fled Afghanistan after receiving death threats from the Taliban. Now in Iran, he faces uncertainty over his future.

9 Sept 2022


The owner of a Kabul beauty salon says her business is facing increasing uncertainty.

22 Jul 2022


After leaving Afghanistan, Sakhi faces new challenges in Pakistan.

27 Jun 2022


Until last August, Aqlima was campaigning to get more women into cycling, but since the Taliban’s return, women are unable to participate in sports.

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